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Distribution agreement signed with Fiken

Bendik Danielsen

Aprila invoice sales to be integrated in Fiken

Aprila Bank is pleased to announce that we have signed a distribution agreement with Fiken AS for the integration of Aprila Invoice Sales in the Fiken online accounting system.

Fiken and Aprila expect the spot financing product for small businesses to be made available for Fiken users in Q1 2020. With its around 35,000 customers in Norway, Fiken is a substantial supplier of online accounting to micro- and small-sized businesses in Norway.

“We believe Fiken is a perfect fit for this product, as their core customer base is right in our target group for spot invoice sales. Companies of this size are underserved by traditional banks and other lenders, but represent a sweet spot for our digital onboarding and automated processes."

They will also enjoy the fact that it is non-committal and free to be a customer of Aprila Bank, transactions will be automatically booked in Fiken and they will pay only for use, if they decide to sell invoices to Aprila” says Per Christian Goller, CGO of Aprila Bank.

“We look forward to being able to offer seamless and immediately available financing to our users inside Fiken. We are sure that our customers will appreciate the quick and innovative access to financing from Aprila” says Bendik Gill Bakken, CEO of Fiken AS.

Including Fiken, Aprila financing products will by the end of Q1 2020 be exposed to around 130,000 Norwegian SMBs inside online accounting systems, representing more than half of the SMBs in Norway.


For more information, please contact:

Per Christian Goller, CGO Aprila Bank ASA
+47 4040 1444


Bendik Gill Bakken, CEO Fiken AS
+47 9525 6934